New Press Box Coming To Maverick Stadium

Maverick Stadium Press Box Construction To Begin After Graduation
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This is the image for the news article titled Maverick Stadium Press Box Construction To Begin After GraduationMarshall ISD’s Board of Trustees approved a deductive change order in the amount of $550,000 to cover the construction of the new press box at Maverick Stadium, as part of the ongoing renovations at Marshall High School.

The press box is part of a previously-approved budget for renovations at MHS. Construction on the new press box will begin following Marshall High School’s commencement, which is scheduled for Friday, June 1.

The current press box, which is the original when Maverick Stadium opened in 1980, was deemed structurally unsafe during an inspection earlier this spring. The Board of Trustees had previously approved a budget of $700,000 for the press box. The general contractor for the Marshall High School renovation project, Transet Co., submitted a bid of $1,240.872 to complete the press box project, with Johnson & Pace serving as architects.

The increase in the budget for the press box project does not indicate an increase in the overall budget for the Marshall High School project. The deductive change order as approved Monday will pull $200,000 from the original Contingency budget, and $150,000 from an allowance for security gate improvement which was found to be covered in another area. The change also reduces the original hazardous materials budget by $200,000, which makes the total $550,00 to be transferred in the budget to cover the increased budget for the new press box.

The project is part of the larger renovation going on at Marshall High School. That renovation includes the construction of a secure vestibule in the front office area, updated science labs, new restrooms, and the addition of new security doors at all entrances to the school.

Both the high school and press box renovations are scheduled for substantial completion in the fall, with the press box expected to be ready for the Mavs’ home season opener on Sept. 7 vs. Longview. The work on the high school began earlier this month, with press box construction to begin following graduation.

The new press box will include areas for public address announcer, print, radio and television media, two coaching booths, scoreboard operator, clock operator, restrooms and a reception area.

Currently, the budget also includes the cost of installing an elevator due to ADA regulations. However, because the cost of the elevator is over 20 percent of the total project cost, MISD can apply for a variance to have the elevator removed from the budget. If the variance is approved, the press box will not have to include an elevator. If it is not approved, it will have to be added as originally budgeted and constructed after completion of the press box.

The overall budget for the entire renovation projects at both MHS and the Maverick Stadium press box is $6.3 million. This budget includes money saved from the completion of the Legacy 2017 bond projects as well as money being transferred from MISD’s general fund balance, which is essentially the district’s savings account.