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    weaverDAVID WEAVER
Director of Communications
Phone: 903-927-8700
The Marshall ISD Communications Office is committed to facilitating open communication within the school district and between the district and community. It is our goal to promote community awareness of the district, address issues and encourage participation and increase community involvement. Our office recognizes its responsibility to ensure open communication and understanding of Marshall ISD, its endeavors and its accomplishments.

The primary functions of our Communications Office are:

 • Community Relations

 • Media Relations

 • Marketing

 • Crisis Communication

 • Recognition of District Student and Staff Accomplishment

The Communications Office offers a variety of communication tools to facilitate both internal and external communication, including the following.

The Marshall ISD website,, is full of information regarding MISD, its schools, its programs and more. The Communication Office maintains and updates information on the district website and provides training and support to departmental and campus users.

Each campus website located within the overall district website includes information related to that campus, their programs, student honors and awards, events and more. Campus staff and teachers are equipped to update and maintain information on their campus and classroom page.

The Communications Office publishes a monthly newsletter for faculty, staff and employees called the "Maverick Insider." The Insider is delivered via district e-mail on Friday mornings during the school year. The The newsletter includes district press releases, calendar events, organization and group news and events, campus or district flyers, and photos from around the district.

The Communications Office regularly sends news releases about district programs, events, honors and awards to local and regional news outlets. The office also handles all media-related calls or inquiries concerning the district. See our official MISD Media Policy and Guidelines here.

MISD uses School Messenger as its community call-out system for mass messages that must be sent to parents, families, etc. throughout the school year. School Messenger's mass notification system gives the district the ability to reach the community within minutes -- whether it is time-sensitive information, event outreach, or attendance notification. It is an efficient way to help keep campuses and community more secure, informed and involved with MISD.