War Memorial Relocation

War Memorial To Be Relocated To Yates Cemetery
Posted on 05/03/2018
This is the image for the news article titled War Memorial To Be Relocated To Yates CemeteryThe majestic World War II veterans memorial monument located in the courtyard of the old Marshall Junior High School on West Houston Street will have a new home this fall.

Marshall ISD has partnered with Marshall Monument Co. and Yates Memorial Cemetery in Scottsville to relocate the monument to Yates Cemetery, which is a designated veterans cemetery. Marshall Monument completed the removal of the monument earlier this week and is storing the separate pieces of the monument until it can be successfully relocated to its new, permanent home this fall.

“The preservation of this memorial was understandably important to the Marshall community and Marshall ISD,” said David Weaver, MISD Director of Communications. “We made a promise to the community to do everything we could to make sure this monument to our Marshall World War II veterans and heroes was preserved and honored. The challenge was removing a nearly 70-year old, extremely heavy monument which was installed in intricate pieces, and moving it to a new location without damaging it. Thanks to Mr. Yates of Yates Cemetery and the expertise of our friends at Marshall Monument, we feel like the monument’s move to a new home is appropriate and will be accomplished in the safe, reverent manner we hoped it could be.”

Mr. Bob Yates, a 1949 graduate of Marshall High School and war veteran himself, approached MISD officials last fall following a news article which outlined the district’s desire to preserve and move the monument to a new location with the closing of the old junior high, which had served as Marshall High School from 1924-1980. The monument has stood at its current location since it was originally dedicated in 1952. Mr. Yates offered his veterans memorial cemetery, which is located just to the east of Scottsville Cemetery, as a new location for the monument.

Marshall Monument offered its services to the district for the removal and installation. The district partnered with the local monument company due to the extreme care required in the removal and transport of the 66-year old memorial to its new home.

An initial inspection of the monument determined that due to the cement used to adhere the granite to the ground initially, the plynths – which are the four connecting pieces of the large centerpiece and the wings (the four sections of the monument which contain the names of MHS World War II veterans) – would need to be replaced.

However, as of earlier this week, both the centerpiece and the wings have been removed from the MJHS site and are currently being stored safely by Marshall Monument until the new plynths are ready. Marshall Monument has ordered the granite to recreate the plynths, and as soon as it comes in it will be cut to the size and shape of the old ones.

Marshall Monument estimates that the memorial will be ready for its permanent move to Yates Cemetery sometime this fall.

District officials considered the possibility of moving the monument to the current Marshall High School, but ultimately did not want to have to consider another possible disturbance and move of the memorial again in the event of new construction or renovation at the high school or possibility of a new MHS sometime in the future.

“This plan preserves the monument as well as ensures that it now has a permanent home in an appropriate, respectful place, a veterans cemetery,” Weaver said.

The district is also considering the possibility of a new monument at MHS which could be more mobile in the event it needs to be moved in the future. This monument would include the names of all of Marshall High School’s war veterans from World War I until the present.

Once the memorial is in place at Yates Cemetery, MISD will conduct an official dedication ceremony for the monument in its new home.
From the 1953 “Maverick” yearbook, regarding the dedication of the monument in 1952:

“On such occasion as this there is a mingling of pride and pathos. We are proud that Americans still can produce men and women with the courage to fight for those things we value most, but we grieve that all too often these courageous ones are challenged by war to make the supreme sacrifice. Today, with deep appreciation and humility, we dedicate this Memorial Court to those Marshall High School patriots, living and dead, who defended the heritage of our Nation and our School in World War II.” – Mrs. Inez Hughes, 1941-1945

Lt. A.G. Edens
Lt. Pat Fyffe
Lt. Billy Graves
Sgt. Artie Hanson
Pvt. Robert Grady Hines
Lt. Vaughan Irvine
Sa. Billy Ivey
Lt. Eugene Key
Lt. Joe Lake
Pfc. Elmer Lawlis
Maj. Clarence McClaren
T/5 Blake McDaniel
Pfc. James McGeorge
MM 2/c Howard L. Moore
S/Sgt. Melton Murrell
S/Sgt. Jack Palmer
S/Sgt. John Pepper
S/Sgt. Frazier Smith
MM 1/c George Tier
Pfc. Perry Vawter
Capt. John Wainwright
Sgt. Carrol Walker
Pfc. Fred Warren
Lt. Sam Warren
Lt. Raymond Watson
F.O. Billy Wilmore
Lt. Robt. Woolley
Lt. Jack Wyatt
T/5 George Yates
Capt. Cary Abney
Lt. Thomas Austin
F.O. Norman Barnes
Col. Edwin Barry
Lt. Alfred Bell
Lt. Billy Bowers
T/5 Wesley Bryant
Lt. Chas. (Billy) Carpenter
Lt. Comdr. Byron Cooke
Pfc. Mickey Crawford
Sgt. Roy Downer