MISD Unveils Strategic Plan

MISD Unveils New Five-Year Strategic Plan
Posted on 04/18/2017
This is the image for the news article titled MISD Unveils New Five-Year Strategic PlanA process that included community and staff input in all phases and began before the Christmas holidays officially came to a close Monday, when Marshall ISD officially released its new Strategic Plan which will go into effect beginning with the 2017-2018 school year.

Dr. Jerry Gibson, MISD Superintendent, initiated the strategic plan process last fall to provide the district with a focused strategy to outline the district’s initiatives for the next five years.

“This is a roadmap of where we want our district to be in five years,” said Gibson, who announced the plan to members of the MISD Board of Trustees during Monday’s regular April school board meeting. “This plan will give us a strategy and plan a direction for us to follow moving forward, and was born out of the input from members of our community, district staff and students. I’ve said from day one that Marshall ISD belongs to the Marshall community, and we want to have a plan and a direction that will make our community proud of its schools.”

The process leading up to the finalized plan presented Monday began back in early December, when the district hosted three community “education summits” at different locations to talk about education today in general and to allow input in an open setting. An online survey was made available for a month following the summits to encourage further input, and the district hosted a series of focus groups of different community members and district personnel to gain more input.

The data generated from these meetings and surveys were made available to a group of 40 or so members of the community, district staff and students who met four times over a period in January and February to develop the final strategic plan for MISD.

The complete plan is available for download on the MISD website at www.marshallisd.com, along with results and data gathered during each step of the strategic design process. Listed below are some of the highlights and goals outlined in the plan:

• Call To Action: “Each learner is equipped to successfully achieve his or her vision and be a productive, contributing citizen in a global society.”

• Our Beliefs: We believe that…
     o Positive and meaningful relationships are key.
     o All stakeholders are responsible for a safe and engaging environment to encourage ownership of lifelong learning.
     o Education provides opportunities for all students.
     o Instructional practice cannot be stagnant.
     o Education must change as technology and the world changes.
     o Public education thrives with meaningful connections to the community.

• Learner Outcomes: All learners…
     o Each learner will be an active, ethical and compassionate member of the community through service and citizen participation at least once a year.
     o Each learner will engage in meaningful learning every day.
     o Each learner will explore and develop college, career and life skill opportunities and set goals to achieve their own personal vision.
     o Each learner will apply problem solving, critical thinking, and/or creativity on a daily basis in every aspect of school life.
     o All learners will effectively use 21st Century skills.
     o Each learner will achieve and demonstrate academic and social growth each school year.
     o Each learner will be adaptable to multiple settings.
     o Each learner will effectively communicate both professionally and personally in a variety of ways.

• Five-Year Goals and Specific Results
     o Marshall ISD will support, retain and recruit district personnel aligned with the Maverick Vision.
     o Marshall ISD will capitalize on the resources of our diverse community to cultivate new and strength existing partnerships through collaboration and communication.
     o Marshall ISD will develop opportunities to increase parental or guardian involvement to strengthen the parents’ and students’ educational experience.
     o Marshall ISD will build and maintain facilities that are clean and efficient to provide safe and secure environments for 21st Century learners.
     o Marshall ISD will raise academic achievement of all students through equitable, rigorous opportunities and increased expectations.
     o Marshall ISD will fully embrace and integrate technology so that students will be equipped to meet their needs to be marketable for their future endeavors.
     o Marshall ISD will adopt an effective, comprehensive and sustainable discipline management system that promotes academics and student and teacher retention.
     o Marshall ISD will develop sustainable processes and systems that build positive relationships for all stakeholders within the district.

• Year One Action Steps
     o 1.2: Implement a competitive pay system that attracts and retains highly qualified staff.
     o 1.4: Establish standards for an aggressive recruitment and renewal for high quality staff.
     o 3.1: Utilize various neighborhood and non-campus locations to interact and strengthen the educational experience for all parents and students.
     o 4.1: Create and establish procedures to ensure the continual maintenance, safety and upkeep of facilities.
     o 6.3: Develop an allocation model to provide devices and software/apps to engage all students in the classroom and accommodate teacher needs.
     o 7.2: Create and implement a progressive discipline plan that includes all stakeholders.